It’s Not Rocket Science

It’s Not Rocket Science

Step right up, step right up! Haven’t you always wanted to own your own rocket? Well now’s your chance!

Walk into our showroom today and fly away in a brand new rocket! See how high you can fly whilst earning some cash to buy another rocket.

Warning: Rocket flight is dangerous and there is a tendency to crash and die. Avoid asteroids at all costs.


  • Endearingly simple gameplay – both to play as well as develop.
  • Nearly a dozen rockets to unlock and crash!
  • Multiple achievements and a leaderboard.
  • Ultra-realistic starry background system. *
  • Pickups, asteroids, and space!
  • Woefully inaccurate science.

* it’s just a bunch of white dots.

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Contact –

Release Date – 16th March 2017

Platforms – iOS / Android / OSX

Price Free

IAPs – Remove Adverts ( £0.99 ) / Unlock All Rockets ( £1.99 )

Media Kit – Download


v1.0.5 – 19 / 02 / 2018
Tweaked advert display.
Adjusted per-rocket hud damping values.

v1.0.4 – 16 / 02 / 2018
Removed debug code accidentally left in.

v1.0.3 – 16 / 02 / 2018
iPhone X now supported!
Added ability to pause the game mid-flight.
HUD now has some slight floatiness.
Reduced the number of stars to improve performance.

v1.0.2 – 21 / 03 / 2017
Sharing message from the new-score screen now includes a link to the store page.
Height in sharing message is now formatted nicer.
Fixed issue where earning more than 1 star at a time wasn’t being stored properly.
Fixed issue where bonuses were trying to award the wrong number of stars.
Added text to explain releasing to stop your engines.
Added a new ‘Wildcard’ pickup because what’s life without a little chaos.
Fixed issue where rewarded videos weren’t properly rewarding players on iOS.

v1.0.1 – 15 / 03 / 2017
Tweaked rocket selection screen to make it clearer.
Increased earned star count for watching an advert.

v1.0.0 – 15 / 03 / 2017
Public release.

v0.5.0 – 3 / 03 / 2017
Fixed some typos in the rocket descriptions.
Tweaked minimum speed of large asteroids.
Improved performance of particles.

v0.4.0 – 1 / 03 / 2017
Tweaked asteroid collision sound.
Entering sub-space now makes a sound.
Reduced the number of particles for the rocket engines.
Tweaked how many stars are earned for bonuses.
When logging into the GPGS on the highscore screen your new score will be submitted to a leaderboard, if required.
Best/previous height labels are now formatted better.
Fix for options button highlights.
iOS version.

v0.3.0 – 26 / 02 / 2017
Fixed crash issues with analytics.
Removed Powered by Corona Labs splashscreen.
Tweaked asteroid culling on some resolutions.

v0.2.0 – 26 / 02 / 2017
Rocket now automatically explode if it drops too far off the bottom of the screen.
GPGS login button on main menu screen.
Added a few more achievements.
Altitude is now displayed nicer.
Added a few bonuses that can be achieved to earn some extra money.
Reduced filesize again.
Changed asteroid collision sound.
Added some analytics tracking.
Fuel readout now goes red on low fuel.
Background image should now work better on certain resolutions.
Game now starts in windowed mode on desktops, and the window can be resized.
Misc fixes.

v0.1.0 – 23 / 02 / 2017
Rocket selection changed to make it clearer
Increased the minimum speed of the largest asteroids
Pickup name is now always visible, it’s also smaller, central, and in uppercase
Rocket is now centred vertically
Fuel pickups now have a higher probability of showing when low on fuel
Some rockets now have a radar system to warn of nearby asteroids
Improved performance
Wormhole pickups now have timers
Altitude is now shown in the sharing screenshot
Misc fixes

v0.0.9 – 21 / 02 / 2017
Reduced file size
Removed audio watermarks from music tracks

v0.0.8 – 21 / 02 / 2017
Public beta

v0.0.7 – 20 / 02 / 2017
Private alpha

v0.0.6 – 17 / 02 / 2017
Private alpha

v0.0.5 – 15 / 02 / 2017
Private alpha

v0.0.4 – 15 / 02 / 2017
Private alpha

v0.0.3 – 9 / 02 / 2017
Private alpha

v0.0.2 – 9 / 02 / 2017
Private alpha

v0.0.1 – 9 / 02 / 2017
Private alpha

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