I’ve just uploaded a build of It’s Not Rocket Science for beta testing on Google Play and, so, if you have an Android device or OSX computer, and a few minutes to spare, please considering downloading it and giving it a play.

Gameplay is incredibly simple, just hold down on the screen ( or the spacebar ) to start your engines and release to stop them. Avoid the asteroids, collect the pickups and coins, try to get as high as you can without crashing ( or running out of fuel ).

Music is placeholder at present, hence the audio-watermark repeating throughout.

Please let me know what you think!

New Game – It’s Not Rocket Science

In my spare time, outside of Glitch, I’ve been chipping away at a small helper library for the Corona SDK. Its goal is to simplify and reduce the common features in our games so to speed up development.

The library is called Puggle and I will be releasing it in the future as a plugin on the Corona Marketplace, however, it’s not as feature-complete as I’d hope currently, and I want to put it through some testing.

I figured the best way to both add the required features and test it would be to produce some games using it, the first being It’s Not Rocket Science.

The game itself is purposefully simple and similar to a previous game I’ve made. It’s currently in private alpha testing ( a fancy term for “asking my wife to play it” ), and I hope to release it as a beta soon. If you’re interested in giving it a whirl please let me know!

Below are a few screenshots, no videos yet sadly.